Day 8: Biggest Pet Peeve

My biggest pet peeve would most definitely have to be those people that do not know me (and it’s always them that do it, and quickly too) judging me by how I look and then proceeding to call me a child.

It’s not my fault that I age well and I don’t look like others my age. It’s not my fault that I cannot keep company with most persons my age. It’s also not my fault that you did not look this youthful at my age. So before you jump to conclusions about what I am, find out who I am. I am tired of dealing with ignorant, restricted minds who refuse to accept what is before them because it doesn’t match up to what they believe maturity should look like.

Let me stop. Sounds like I am about to start arguing. But, yes, that is my biggest pet peeve. Want to be on the fast track to me hating you? Say something like “What do you know/ what can you do? You’re just a child.”


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