When Etiquette goes through the Door.

I should be queen.

For how much I was primed in etiquette by my teacher in school, I should be heir to the throne!

I was always aware of what was acceptable and NOT in public situations. Later on it came to me that sometimes, etiquette will make you look like a fool when you lack the necessary resources.

How dare you serve fried dumplings for breakfast with plastic knives and forks? Bye bye etiquette.

How dare you serve me a roll with butter and only my dinner knife? Bye bye etiquette.

My soup is in a shallow bowl and I love how it tastes. Should I let it go to waste? bye bye etiquette

How am I supposed to sit and tuck my ankles under those toddler chairs? I think I’ll stand.

Cocktail party huh? Bye bye etiquette

Wait. What is this? The driest hors d’oeuvres? Well excuse me etiquette.

So you gave me a dull knife to deal with this meat? Goodnight!


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