A Dream I had on the Morning of January 10 2012.

I am just realising that this was the day my nephew was born.

I was going through some junk I had in my business pouch/diary I came across this note I had written. I had a dream that was very vivid and as I read, it became crystal clear like I had just dreamt it.

I have no idea what it means but I felt like sharing what I wrote:

There was a family of approximately 7 excluding a father –rich from father’s wealth. The father has died and the wealth is about to divide the family more.

They live in a big house with all possible amenities. The widow had twins which would ultimately affect the division of the wealth – it would be one child or all!

The mother decided to take only one twin and banish the other and the remaining four children (young adults).

In an effort to verify which of the twins was banished, one of the older children took the baby back to the mother, who coldly allowed a man (with long pink nails)to stretch his hand through the grill and scratch the baby’s face.

The house was eventually destroyed from the top by one of the older ones who pulled several wires and everyone in the house died.

I had written this just to remember the major parts of the dream. There are some things that are unclear to me and I may not be able to explain them. The gist though is that the family had no togetherness and the widow wanted as much of the wealth as possible. By banishing the 5 children she would use the baby to get the money and then keep it all for herself. To differentiate the babies she scared the face of the banished one. Apparently to get the wealth you had to be INSIDE the house. Her actions upset one of the older brothers so much that he climbed on to the roof and pulled some wires which seemed to run from the foundation of the house, gave the roof several blows with something and the entire house crumbled to a big rubble (at this point in the dream, the house was in very similar environs to where my grandma’s house is). This calmed the 5 remaining children who formed a unit and protected each other from that point.


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