10 Things I wish would be left in 2013

It’s a new year and it would be nice if a few things weren’t the same or carried over from the past year. Each year countless persons begin with making resolutions (and keeping them for a while) in hopes of making right some thing from the past or doing something new/different to get better results.

Most resolutions never include making ‘ripple effect’ changes or they sadly never catch on.

Here are some things I hope guilty persons would stop doing and pray that it catches on. It amazes me how some of them even survived the year(s).

  1. People coming out in public with baby powder climbing from your chest to your chin!
  2. Men with bad dyed-hair jobs.
  3. Men in ‘squeeze me- kill me’ pants that not even my arm could fit into comfortably.
  4. Women and their angry eyebrows! Granted some of them are happy to see each other and others are keeping malice, I hope jacked-up eyebrows will be a thing of the past! She who has ears to hear….
  5. Bleachers wearing the colours fuchsia and yellow thinking that they complement their skin tone (whatever it is).
  6. Men in office attire with parachute looking backpacks on.
  7. Women wearing thin tights with underwear as bold and ugly as Shrek underneath.
  8. Taxi men and bus conductors over loading their vehicles. Not to mention the lies ‘One and ready’ and “We have comfortable seat’.
  9. Cook shops selling LIES!
  10. Politicians publicly behaving below office.

Those are just 10 of the 

things that I hope are not perpetuated in 2014 in Jamaica.

What’s your list? 


Go ahead! Share your thoughts! I'd love to know what you think!

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