I Cheated…

It makes no sense pretending that I didn’t so I’m telling you from the beginning. This month I started the 30 Day Ab Challenge. December has 31 days so there would be an extra rest day for me…yay!

I had been toying with the idea of  doing the 30 Day Ab Challenge for a while but then I always decided not to because it seemed so hard. One day while being the investigative spirit I am, I came across Ms Basketball1’s instagram and saw a picture of her ‘washboard’ abs with a caption to the effect “tummy looking a little big because I just ate but don’t worry, I’m a get them abs back”.  I instantly became jealous! How on earth could her tummy look so chiselled and she thinks its big? I decided that if she can have abs like that then I could have something close to it!

I started the challenge on December 1 and this is what happened:

  • For the first few days I felt good and did more than was preset because I felt I could do more.
  • Some of my rest days were turned into cardio and dancing days.
  • By day 9 I felt like I hated myself.
  • Day 10 I woke up with the renewed vigour I needed.
  • I eventually made my own rest days and pushed workout sets on other days and doubled up.
  • Eventually I couldn’t do the planks (hated them the longer they got) leg raises hurt my back and my tummy muscles were just sore.
  • I noticed too that I feel dizzy way more often than I did before ever starting this challenge. I hat floor exercises. HATE.

I cheated. At the end of it all I can say that not everyone will have abs at the end of the challenge. It all depends on the size stomach you had started out with. Before this challenge I knew that getting abs was hard work and I had conditioned my mind that it would take time. 30 days would be an overnight miracle, therefore to get the results I want, I will have to keep working on my abs well into 2014 and keep on working out to maintain them. At the end of it I am not glad that I started this challenge because I think it was too much for me to handle in the time frame.

All in all, if you are crazy and hate yourself…go right ahead and dive into the 30 Day Ab Challenge.


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