My Secret Admirer

I dislike whatsapp. Not the whole concept of messaging contacts for free. I dislike the part that all it requires for you to contact someone is their phone number in your phonebook. What about the recipient? Have they no say in the matter? What if someone that I do not know has my number? Can I not decide if I want to speak to that person on whatsapp or not?

There I was sleeping or trying to and I noticed a text message from a strange number “Hey”. Nothing more; just plain “Hey”. I didn’t even bother to find out who it was.  (I AM that kind of person). I resumed my last action. Moments later a whatsapp message from the same strange number. KMT! I still do not reply.

Next morning I had to go onto whatsapp because an uncle had messaged me. I see a message from the same strange number “Sup”.

I still do not respond.

Moments later “So you not going answer”.

So I finally responded Who are you?

This is where things got interesting. This person proceeds to test my knowledge. He goes on to say that he is an admirer of mine and we used to work together. He also said other things that narrowed down the time frame and locale for me. I used the clues and I thought. I thought hard. No one came to my mind that fit the description and I drew the conclusion that it was one of the guys I met while doing an internship that decided to mess with me. A few of them liked pulling my legs. I couldn’t come up with a single face or name that would fit the description so I told him that I didn’t know who he was.

When he finally gave his name I felt bad. How could I not remember the one guy that made it his point of duty every morning to greet me by screaming into my ears ‘Goood Moooorniiiiiing’ while giving me a straight-jacket bear hug followed by a kiss on the cheek? He was such a morning person and I was the opposite. He was such a big character. I didn’t hate him though but he wasn’t my cup of tea. Never saw him as anything more than just another guy in the Sports Department.

Now it gets weird. He just went straight into sending me nude pictures of himself because I began to ask how the description he gave matched up to him. Then he keeps nagging me (like he forgot that I hated being annoyed) saying that now I know he has a crush on me he wants to know where I am in the days and if he could see me. I saw him once since my internship and several times on my television set. I do not care for seeing this young man at all.


  • First of all, I never liked him while I worked with him. He was very full of himself and was not my type of guy. He was too immature for me.
  • Secondly, I will never like him. He seems just about the same plus we are the same age! Eww. Besides, those pictures made sure of it. I don’t know who lied to him but they were not flattering.
  • While we were working together I remember hearing about his ‘wife’. Everyone in the department knew of his girlfriend and I think he spoke about her almost every day. What happened to that woman? She find foreign man?
  • Then after shutting him down and telling him to stop wasting his time with me, he goes on to tell me that he has been single for about 6 months. 6 months people! You hear dis? I told him straight up to go find a different rebound girl and leave me alone. Puhlease!
  • Besides all that, I have a man. And a damn good one too.




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