Excuse me if I don’t understand…

I was recently browsing the Jamaica Observer website and came across a wedding feature. I usually go by the article title and pictures of the wedding to decide if it is worth my read.

All I can remember is that the couple’s surname is Darby. From the pictures of this fairly young-looking couple I realized that they had already had two children both of whom took part in the wedding ceremony.

Two children? It took two children before the man realized he wanted to marry her? It took two children for her to ‘hol’ him’?

I’m sorry. I’m not saying that this couldn’t happen to me. I’m just saying that one child might slip through the cracks, yes, but two from my loins before marriage would be a shame. I don’t want to be nobody’s baby momma. I have already proclaimed myself to be wife. And while a child doesn’t ‘hol’ a man, mine better know that nothing is happening till I know that he is a ‘ride or die that aint leaving to go nowhere’.

I just believe that IF you want marriage and a family…let the marriage happen first. If you just want the family…I’ll but out.


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