Nerds and Girls

What is it about nerds that make girls attracted to them?

Is it that women instinctively like intelligent men? It could be. While it is true that very intelligent men are intimidating to most women, we still like intelligent men. No woman wants a man that is going to make them look dumb but if we can reach equilibrium then we are happy. [On a side note: women who are intimidated by intelligent men simply have not learned their own power and how they control conditions] Intelligent men ooze a ‘I can provide for you and you will never have to worry’ kind of air and the primordial side of us smells that air and wants it.

Is it that we like going beneath the surface to find what’s really there? Not saying that underneath it is not another layer of nerd. We just like to believe with ever fibre in our bodies that there really is more to that nerd than meets the eye. Besides, I want 1 of you, just 1, to deny that women are not the best ‘diggers’ you know. We find things that aren’t even really there. We find out things that others think they have so cleverly hidden from us. Please! We have PhDs in Uncovering.

Do we secretly hope they are cool underneath it all? Yes, Yes we do. We all hope that we can have it all! The good and the bad. We know, though most women don’t seem to show it, that bad boys will never be good to us. Still we need some bad in our lives so we hope and pray that the good nerd guys have even just a little bit that can suffice.

We know they are sweet guys and will adore whomever they love (or chose) and we fantasize about being adored. That’s just plain and simple. We want to be somebody’s princess. Not all of us subscribe to the princess-in-distress-and-in-need-of-rescue kind of thing but we all want to be princesses…and one day, queens of our own homes. For those lucky ones that were born queens, salute!

We want a secret weapon! As long as we have something in the bag that no one but us knows about and expects, we are forever calm. If a nerd can prove to be resourceful in several situations (and not those that exploit his specific skill sets only for a female’s advantage) then he is a keeper. For example, a nerd that has wealth but doesn’t flaunt it or one that can throw a mean punch but looks like a whimp.

We don’t ever foresee a nerd being any real form of opposition to us. Some women are completely submissive but every woman wants to be in control of something at some point! (Can I get an amen?) Nerds don’t argue with women (I wish some men learned that) they please.



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