Mourn for Jamaica

While texting a friend recently I said something to him after realizing how he responds to the paradox created by our next-to-dead economy. He said I should share my view on the text so I am obeying an order, I guess.

Jamaica is in a deplorable state right now. I fear that if we continue on this path unobstructed, we will end up like Haiti. Not saying Haiti is a horrible place but, be reasonable. Unemployment levels are beyond high. The value of the currency is about to reach the pits of hell. The cost of living and inflation make life even more unbearable. All of this may not seem to be anything to the one that is well protected but imagine having a job then losing it; the value of your savings shrinking to microscopic levels rendering them useless to sustain life till you get back on your feet; sliding a class or two lower than you were before (imagine the lower class people); relative that worked overseas and sent remittances home, now seem like they aren’t doing enough. You just cannot get by.

This state causes more of everything you are seeing now: More children on the streets selling to help provide for the family instead of being a child and staying in school; More hot girls sitting in taxis with only their fares in their purses; More Escalade drivers sipping on bag juice. It also leads to a rise in all the murders, robberies, acts of praedial larceny, violence against women and children etc. What you don’t readily see are the rising number of cases of depression which eventually lead to suicides or an increase in street people.

My friend seemingly gets sad every time he sees such things and ‘feels bad’ for the individuals so I texted him saying: “…Don’t let everything you see make you mourn for Jamaica. Just try not to be the reason someone mourns for Jamaica.”

I said it with the intention to get him from throwing on a sad face whenever he sees such thing because that would be very often but thinking about it, it’s also because I want good for him. I don’t want him to be broke with just enough money to get by. I don’t want him to be driving a car and sipping on bag juice (although they are quite refreshing). I don’t want his future daughter on the streets selling sweets or snacks because his ability to be a providing parent was taken from him. I most definitely don’t want him to be a headline for prime time news and give me a heart failure over grave news.

Things are bad and I think I’ve said it before that they are going to get worse before they get better.  It’s up to us as family and friends to keep each other happy and in check so that we all can be around to enjoy it when it does get better.

Peace & Love…






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