Here are 20 more random facts about myself:

  1. I get excited very easily but I don’t show the emotion on my face. Cant afford to have stares when I’m disappointed.
  2. I love fresh fruits and nuts.
  3. My eating cycle goes like this over a period of months: indulge in gluttony for weeks, drink, drink, then lack of appetite, snack, snack for days, drink, repeat. And by ‘drink’ I do not mean alcohol.
  4. I like exercising.
  5. I am the 1st daughter for both my parents.
  6. I prefer the smell of Old Spice to Irish Spring. Irish Spring could be an air freshener; Old Spice says ‘bite me…anywhere’ lol.
  7. When I was younger I considered becoming a nun. That was later toned down to a pastor’s wife…that later went through the window.
  8. I went to an all girl high school so I don’t know how to be dependent on a guy. It sucks but I’m trying.
  9. I cannot hear poor grammar and not correct it. Even if I say nothing verbally…I corrected you in my head.
  10. My favourite colour is every shade of blue. I have never seen a shade that I’m not in love with.
  11. I am rebellious.
  12. I don’t drink carbonated beverages without shaking the bottle to get rid of as much ‘acid’ as possible.
  13. I DO NOT think Ferrero Rocher are the best chocolates ever created.
  14. I like looking good but I don’t like wearing clothes that much.
  15. I have already started my autobiography and my life seems to get more boring as I get older (or maybe its the perspective).
  16. I was laughed at on my first day of school at my second high school! Love that school.
  17. I was raised to think that all human beings are equal and because of that I have never been afraid of authority.
  18. My celebrity crushes eventually become my future husbands…all with an identifying number…till I forget about them.
  19. I am a horrible self critic.
  20. If you ask me to do something for you and I don’t respond, its a no because I never agreed to do it.


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