Scent Obesession

I love scents. I just do. Air fresheners, incense sticks, scented candles, body washes, body splashes, lotions, perfumes…you name it!

I also do not like smelling the same way everyday. I like variety and options and because of that I have always had several scents to bounce around and choose from. At one point, I had eight (8) different perfumes in rotation at once. Now I have tried to cut back and I have three now (and can  I tell you how hard it is?!)

These are my most recent perfumes..

  Candid by Avon. I was just dying for this perfume to finish. Friends loved it but I thought it had too much of a ‘decades ago’ kind of smell to it.

Bond Girl 007 by Avon. I loved this so much that I didn’t want it to finish. Was a gift from an aunt and the scent was amazing; powdery and floral. I love powder..its fresh!

  Luscious Temptations by Avon. Also a gift from the same aunt. This was 1 of a three piece set and I cant remember the name of the particular scent but it was a seductive orange that you make you want to bite someone, and not in the hungry way.

 Pleasures by Estee Lauder touched my soul! I was in love with this scent and the fact that it was strong and lasted a whole day! This was given to me by my uncle’s girlfriend.


 Princess by Vera Wang was rescued from my best friend. She does not wear perfumes for health reasons and was going to throw this away. I loved the soft scent and the bottle was quite the decoration for my dresser.

 Rare Pearls from Avon was also rescued form my best friend. I like this one because it was masking and that’s just about it. I never felt anyway when it was finished.

 Show was the knock-off version to J. Lo’s Glow. They didn’t even get the bottle right. I liked this perfume because it was sporty and I wore it on those sneaker-and-jeans days. It was nice.


 Touche was a knock-off to another perfume as well (its on the box there). This was from a friend of mine. I liked this one and it took forever to finish. Why? Because it smelled ‘rich’ like the kind of thing you wear when you are going out to a ball or elite function. Since those didnt come very often for me I wore it when I felt rich and eventually it finished.

I realized that Avon makes a lot of great scents and I had a few. I also fell in love with some knock-offs. Some knock-offs should NEVER be worn as they smell only CHEAP and thats one thing I’m not going for! If you are going to be a knock-off be a good one and own your own commendations.

Right now I have only three scents using (oh the torture!!) because I have decided not to open the others yet and try to curb my addiction.

 Paris Amour by Bath and Body Works is an amazing body mist and I wish everything could smell like it (my blanket does). Its a soft flowery scent and it doesn’t last very long.

 Kimberlee is the Kim Kardashian knock-off. I must say the bottle is nice. My initial thought after smelling it was ‘what have I bought?’ but I later realised that it smelled really good when it was fading. The initial spray is harsh but the fade was beautiful. I love that it lasts too.

 La Vida Loca is an impression of Viva La Juicy. If La Vida Loca smells this good, I can only imagine what the original smells like! My only dislike is that it wears off waaaaay too quickly for such a sweet smell.

So those are a few of my scents.

Which do you like?


Go ahead! Share your thoughts! I'd love to know what you think!

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