I dont usually talk about the things I watch on tv or the internet for several reasons but Shonda Rhimes’ Scandal is about to make me break that trend!

I have no intention of starting blogs about episode reviews. I just want to document this thought so that in the future I can see if Shonda’s writers are going to go in the direction I foresee.

Lets see…

In last season’s ultimate cliffhanger, we met Olivia’s dad.

So far in this season we see that her dad isn’t someone to trust.

This last episode confirmed that not only is he a liar and has a big secret to hide but also that something is awry!

Olivia’s mom was not blown up in that plane crash!

Thats right! She liveth! But that means that while Liv grew up thinking her mom was dead, she wasn’t and her dad made her no wiser!

So here is what I think:

Either Eli Pope lied to his daughter about her mom’s death because she was the terrorist on the plane or was linked to the terrorist in some way. He couldn’t bear to kill her (being his wife and all) so got her off the plane. He had to shoot it down because it was going to accomplish its mission (blow up London) if he didn’t. He couldn’t damage his wife’s image in Olivia’s eyes so he told her that she had died in the crash, instead of the truth. Lying to a smart girl like Olivia would only make sense if you had to protect her from something, so I am of the belief that the mother either had intentions of hurting Liv or recruiting and training her.

Sounds far-fetched huh?

Hey! Its Scandal! It may just happen to be true!



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