Complainers Suck!

So here’s the thing: I hate complainers.

If someone is doing something for you and they are not being paid for it….dont complain. If an exchange of money is involved then be free to give your specifications but (and this is a BIG but) if not, don’t you dare begin to feel that anyone is obligated to do anything for you. You cannot guilt someone into doing things for you. It’s just plain wrong!

Complainers :

  • Dampen the mood of others around them.
  • Turn off anyone from wanting to do anything for them.
  • Hurt others with their words.
  • Have a general negative outlook on things and may not even notice it.

If you have a particular standard for how things MUST be done at ALL times…DO IT YOURSELF!!!!! You do not exist in this world alone and as such things will never be done in your 1 way.

 If I keep doing things for you because I feel I should and all you can do it complain then I’m just going to stop in the middle of whatever it is and walk away. Plain and simple!

There is a difference between giving your opinion, feedback or constructive criticism and outright complaining.

It doesn’t matter who you are, complainers suck!

*Thought this rant would make me feel better…I just needed another distraction*


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