Let it out!!

I am so upset!

I am so unhappy with where my life is at this moment.

I have been angry everyday and it needs to stop.

I need a change of environment and quick!

I hate people who make a simple, one-man task, seem impossible to be done alone.

I hate unappreciative people.

I hate people that complain about and criticize everything.

I have been surrounded by too much of that lately and I hate it!

I know they say, something you shouldn’t talk about or criticize because it could very well be you one day but…….mi vex!

KMT! I cannot understand how someone can be so spineless and want to call themself the man of the house. I cannot understand why someone can find a million excuses to not do something that they are obviously going to benefit from, simply so that someone else has to do the task.

I think I must also clarify what I tweeted some days before.

I am beginning to hate cooking and cooking for who I cook for. Housewife livety is not for me!

I hate being in the kitchen all day. I hate cooking 3 meals a day. I hate cutting up frozen meat. I hate seasoning meats. I hate playing your maid.

People who have kids just so at a certain age they can stop doing things because the child knows how to do it, are *&^%^$^ lazy and are looking for an excuse! A child should never be anybody’s pension plan. Not in 2013!

I never used to hate all these things but they are fast becoming my pet peeves. If maybe once, you did something yourself; if maybe once you shut up and stop criticizing shit I do; if maybe once you showed that you can be of worth, then I would feel a little better.

But who am I to say anything? People will probably say that I’m just a spoiled brat. So let me stfu and go!


Go ahead! Share your thoughts! I'd love to know what you think!

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