Is Mothering Innate?

One of my cats (still a kitten to me) just gave birth.

She had two little kittens, on one of my mother’s fallen blouses in the closet. The only person that suspected that something was awry was my little sister.

After helping the kittens out by moving them and their 1st piece of property (mom’s blouse) to somewhere the mother could attend to them easily, guess what my cat did!

Di puss no run way from di kitten dem!?

La! La!

Mommy started cussing out the cat bout how she is ‘one a dem woman deh that run way lef pickney’ and started comparing her to the older cat which is ‘a good girl’.

Poor kitties.

Innate or Learned?

I had never seen anything like this in all the years of my life. When animals had young, they stayed with the offspring, protecting, providing and caring for them. But not my kitty.

This lead me to think that if animals can bring themselves to behave in such a way, maybe (just maybe) we could understand why/how women find the psychological strength to disown and abandon their own child,

I am now beginning to think that the caring characteristics that one would expect from a mother are not innate, but are triggered by some experience or observance.

Some persons may just be incapable of caring for/loving/providing for/protecting/nurturing their own flesh and blood.

That’s my thought. What’s yours?


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