Hi again!

I decided to list some facts about myself so that you who do occasionally read my blog posts (from tumblr and other blog hosting sites) can know a little more about me.

Consider this, your “Getting to Know Me” part 1

  1. I am absolutely not a morning person.
  2. I love food but can’t seem to get fat.
  3. I don’t trust quiet persons.
  4. I am a die-heart John Grisham fan…I love reading.
  5. A TV is for me what a radio is for most persons.
  6. I am never comfortable in one place for too long.
  7. I’m crazy fun!
  8. I can be insensitive at times, but it doesn’t mean I hate you.
  9. I CANNOT discuss my feelings…I’m working on it though.
  10. I think that I am unisex…lol
  11. I’ve been told I am funny…I don’t know how true that is.
  12. Sometimes, I’m too bold and brave for my own good.
  13. I’m an island girl.
  14. I love dancing.
  15. I’m simple… I like actions and presence.
  16. I’ve been a tom-boy for more than ½ of my short life.
  17. I rather a good book as a gift, than a dress.
  18. I am in love with shoes.
  19. I try really hard to be girly. Its hard work.
  20. I make it a point of duty to be difficult in conversations. I like when people are forced to think.


Until Next Time….

Go ahead! Share your thoughts! I'd love to know what you think!

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