Vacation…Shopping Spree…New Wardrobe! yay!

My vacation is approaching  (SEPTEMBER BABAAAAY!!) and this is my first vacation as a working class adult (ppl feel say me have money). I learned a lil something from my professor while in Journalism school. Dr. James said that whenever you take a vacation from work, in order for it to be a true vacation (from the media and communication practise) it has to be out of the country so they cant call you up in an emergency to cover a story.

With that in mind I decided to leave the island because, quite frankly, I’m fed up with who I work with and for and just want to get as far away from them as possible!

I have every intention of shopping till I drop and getting myself some new pieces of clothing so I can make them look good 😉

Unfortunately, I didn’t get my camera fixed in time to take pics for you and its too late now so I guess I’ll be looking out for a sale and just buy a new one when I’m there.

Below are some outfits that I just absolutely love and hope to find my take on them! Wish me luck guys!

Blazers are trendy and I just want! Suede pumps look good in just about every colour and stackable bracelets are great. Skinny jeans are great for my body type (petite) so I find them to be the! 

Flirty floral dresses and sandals are always just too sweet. Plus your feet gotta be well pedi-ed!

Not only do they keep you cool but guys just love seeing girls in dresses so I’ll be buying a few with a particular someone in mind! Perfume!! I will leave scents for another blog post..chuss me!

I just feel beachy when I look at this outfit. Sheer tops are a definite IN and sandals (I wear a lot of them…island girl) are great too! The watch classes up the look though I’m not a watch wearing kinda gal I’ll buy a watch…

I don’t even know what to say more than its in BLUE!! My fav colour! 

Love those earrings! This is a very casual cool look. Love the top! It would definitely keep me breezy and cool. Shades? *thumbs up*

Again, its in blue! Plus the shoes would make me jump on this outfit. Anything that can make my feet look good and be comfortable at the same time is a +.

Love the splash of colour! Not sure if I would readily buy the top but I am making a concerted effort to buy coloured clothing! The wedge looks super cute and comfy and I would most def buy a pants in that colour.

Whats you fav outfit?

Would you like pictures of my vacation?


Go ahead! Share your thoughts! I'd love to know what you think!

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