This is not a spooky blog or anything that will freak you out. So, even if you are afraid of the topic of death, I’m sure you should be able to read this without discomfort.

For the Jamaicans that read this, you may have asked some of the questions before. For the non-Jamaicans, I apologize for this highly culturally ‘exclusive’ blog.

I have been prompted to blog about death since so recently it struck close to home (I think my dad may still be traumatized from holding a body). But it wasn’t the fact that the person died or how they died that intrigued me (lies! I am kinda intrigued about the death. I should write a novel about it) it is what was said afterwards that got me thinking.

I overheard that the deceased had ‘dreamed’ his relative overseas the night he died, before the family even knew about the death! Now, this leads me to ask: This newly deceased man (new kid on the block) could do all that? Who taught him?

Have you never wondered how you will know to ‘dream’ somebody? Who teaches you to do that when you die? Is there like a mentor for you on the other side that ‘shows you the ropes’? Like somebody sits you down and says “Breddrin, see how it go here….”

Then that led me to start thinking in relation to heaven and hell: Is there a waiting period before you know if you will be going to heaven or hell? Is there an in-between place for waiting? If not, can you waltz out of either place and ‘dream’ people as you please? I would like to know so I can plan my time wisely. I would travel the world at that time, and save my money now!

Then I started thinking about instances in which people have sighted ghosts: Can you just roam about or are there special assignments when you are visible to others? Or are those for special people? There could be a roster published with that kind of information.

Which brought me back to ‘dreaming’ people: When you ‘dream’ somebody, can you tell them what its like ‘on the other side’ and what to expect? Is there like a manual or some rule that regulates what you can and cannot say to the individual? I think people who do that pay the consequence of having the person they told TMI die shortly after; like those couples/family members that die in quick succession!

I also wonder if when you die you can actually ‘box’ people and twist up their faces as I’ve heard! If that is actually possible, Lord, just take me away like Elijah ‘cuz a whole heap a disfigured people would be walking around!

All these thoughts are as a result of growing up in the country and hearing a bag a stories from yester-years about dead people. How much of it could actually be factual?


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