Lost Soul or Heart of Stone?

So I had promised to tell you about a woman I know, my friend actually. I had stated in my previous post that she would be the female version of a womanizer but that was just a loose statement. For clarity let me start with parameters for this post. I am taking the word womanizer to mean a man who pursues women lecherously (waits patiently as you Google the meaning of that). Since I am referring to a woman I meant a woman that does the same to men. The closest word I came to such conveyance was vamp, a woman who uses sexual attraction to exploit men. Some persons would use more derogatory words to refer to such acts but I look at it with the mindset that men and women are equal and what is good for the goose is good for the gander! So she treats men the way men treat women – as disposable.

Glad that’s out of the way!

Now to the good stuff!

*Lisa was tired. Tired of being hurt. Tired of feeling used – used by the men she trusted. Its almost as if Mother Nature or her survival instincts made the decision for her. Going through the lengthy grieving process would take too long. Nothing would work faster than revenge. But not revenge on the specific individuals that hurt her; revenge on men generally!

But who would be the first victim. Without even knowing what she was doing, Lisa had selected the first victim. Perfect profile, complete stranger, clean slate! Of course *Jeremy had no idea what he was getting into. Lisa was hot, naturally born with the body of gym-babe, great smile and the perfect mix of mystery, Lisa is a catch. Damn, Lisa is a 10 (btw I am heterosexual for all of you who have begun to wonder). Which guy wouldn’t want her? Besides, Jeremy, being a foreigner, wasn’t popular with the local ladies.

Moments after meeting, Lisa planted the bomb and asked Jeremy out on a date when he called. Without even realising it then Lisa had begun to THINK and ACT like a man. From the get-go she knew that she wouldn’t be emotionally connected to this guy and she just wanted some ‘ass’ cuz that’s what men do when they approach an attractive female, right? Goal #1 is to get some.

So calculating everything on the date, ensuring to pay attention and act like she was interested in what he was interested in, throwing a few careless compliments here and there, Jeremy must have thought “Wow! What a girl”. Lisa went the extra mile in hiding how annoyed she was with him just existing.

After taking her back to her place and inviting himself in, Jeremy made the mistake of entering Lisa’s bedroom. This just made Lisa more determined, but instead of giving it up on the first date Lisa did the gentlemanly thing to do in the 21st century. She didn’t have sex with the poor unsuspecting, innocent Jeremy but she did make him very much aware of the fact that she wanted his body and would ‘tear it up’ when she ‘got that ass’.

Jeremy, unknowingly, played his role well. He stated his interest in getting to know Lisa first, stated that nothing would happen out of a relationship and that he needed to be in love. Typical girl huh?

As expected, Lisa did all that because men are persistent in the pursuit of some ass. She answered his questions since he wanted to get to know her, made no objections to being introduced as his girlfriend and lied every time with “I love you too”s. She was well on her way!

Then the day came when the work that she had ‘put in’ was going to pay off. There is no way you could have a body like Lisa’s being flaunted in your face every day and not want it. The sex happened. Again and again and again.

Then family started to get involved. Lisa was the hot topic in his family and everyone was happy for him and about her! Then as expected, with all men, Lisa got tired of the bull**** and needed a new conquest. It was simple really: create some shit then break up over it and then on to the next one.

That’s what Lisa did. Cold hearted, yes but understandable too. The innocent always get hurt. Lisa just wanted to protect her heart. She does admit that its never a pleasant situation but that worked faster than the usual grieving process.

*Name changed to protect identity

I am by no means telling anyone to go out and try this. Just wanted to share.

What do you think about Lisa’s situation?


Go ahead! Share your thoughts! I'd love to know what you think!

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