Old Crush

I had promised to tell you about how this crush would end and I must apologise for being so delinquent because this crush ended shortly after I had made the initial post.

After I had added him on FB and got him to follow me on twitter, I came to realise something we all probably already know “its a small world”. It turns out that his circle of ‘friends’ comprised of a few persons that I so happened to know from a while back. I was able to make an inference which I guess was right. If he could stomach hanging around people like that then he must have something in common with them which would more than likely be their ‘superiority complex’.

I later realized that we didn’t speak since and did a quick check on twitter. He had unfollowed as his goal was met and satisfied and as such following my account would no longer be necessary. The communication (albeit impersonal) continued on FB as every week there was another invitation to one of his events.

So I decided to ‘do unto others…’ and unfriended him on FB because I would much rather not be bombarded with all that crap! Besides the crush had faded…

Everything else remains tho…

He is still attractive.

He still has style.

I just don’t like him any more!

Click here for the beginning of this crush.

Next, I shall tell you an old story of a friend of mine. She would be the female version of a womanizer! lol


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