2013 Calendars

I don’t know if its just me but I have been finding a great deal of dissonance in the images on 2013 Jamaican calendars and the places from which I got them.

In late 2012 I had envisioned an outfit that I wanted to wear out and I went to H-W-T in search of it- found it- and was offered a 2013 calendar.

It was a department store that sold clothes and nothing else. The calendar had an image of foods……

I decided that calendar was for the kitchen.

In 2013 I was at my rural hairdresser (yes I have an urban one set aside) and someone drew our attention to the calendars she had giving out. A hairdresser…the image on the calendar was a race car…

I didn’t want that one. Made my head hurt.

I wanted something sweet to munch on and decided to go to the pastry shop. Calendars are free so I snatched one up. It is a pastry shop and the calendar they distributed had images of nature and national facts.

I decided mom could have that one…

It didn’t end there. There was:

The canteen that showed me a meadow….

Then there’s the pharmacy that had calendars with kittens….

I would think that as a business, taking your own money to create free calendars for distribution each year, in an effort to promote your business, the calendars would reflect the business in no ambiguous manner.

Sure the images already decided on look good, but it would still look good and make even more sense if the images selected actually reflected the business being promoted through the calendar.

Just saying!


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