New Crush

So I have a new crush and I can guarantee you that it will end the way all my other crushes have.

I find that once I tell the individual that I have a crush on them, I no longer do. After that we become pretty good, normal friends.

I glanced at him as I signed my name to the attendance sheet. Yes, I saw some looks but I never focused on that. I had one aim and it had only dead ppl’s faces = money!

I didn’t get a good look at him till he grabbed the microphone and announced that he was the host of the event…..FOINE!!!

Then he turned me off with his ‘gum chewing’ at the microphone at the end of the night. There is a time and place for everything and the gum needed to be left at the ‘after-work-drink-at-the-bar’.

Needless to say though he had style!

The brotha was clean! The brotha was fresh!

Two twos…I find this bro on FB and on instagram (and I aint even on instagram). Then I found him on twitter and I wasn’t even looking for him there but thanks to Digicel that craves gratification and RTs any good said about them…I found him!

For those who know me…I’m provoking (some say provocative). I decided to engage him about a concept that kept coming up in whatever I saw about him. The lifestyle sounded cool, the name was nice but the definition of the word is not something anyone would or should want. So I decided to tell him.

I began ”drawing him out” on twitter and I knew an open discussion would not be the best thing but in order to send a dm you have to follow the account. And he fell for it..he followed me to explain his point…which I got but then, that leg of the mission was over so I was much less hostile and a lot more supportive.

He asked my name and gave his..this was the cue to let him know that we had a common ground.

I will let you know when the crush ENDS! (I hope he is straight tho)


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