The Neighbours

Last evening, I heard ‘sounds’. 

I thought they might have been watching a show then I remembered there was only one person in the house (supposedly).

Going about my business, I passed a car parked at the gate…made perfect sense.

This may be the only time she has the house to herself.

Make use of it ya girl!





Now I smell weed (marijuana, ganja, mary j, ice, hot grabba) coming through my window.

No man, this girl is getting buckwild!

And all I can do with my lame ass is blog about it.

You know what? no one said that being a responsible adult meant I had to leave my fun-loving spontaneous ways behind! No I wont go and join them but I am determined to enjoy life like I used to!


Go ahead! Share your thoughts! I'd love to know what you think!

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