Jamaica Blog Awards Evaluation

I’m tired! I must preface with that.

Sore muscles, swollen ankle…should I go on?

The Jamaica Blog Awards has been concluded for this year and I have so kindly taken up the request made by myself to do an evaluation.

I will have to compare the Jamaica Blog Awards 2012 to the Jamaica Blog Awards 2011.


Great to see that the event is becoming more popular. We are forming a mini-nation or an uprising at the least. 


Wonderful. The old-timers must agree with me that it was pretty relaxed and the tweet-up was a great idea for mingling and meeting bloggers. Glimpsed and met a few of my followers and those I follow.


I guess the venue, South Beach Cafe, was conducive to the GTKY idea, but I much prefer the Pegasus Hotel where…..I was seated comfortable in A/C.


A lot more (so it seems to me) than last year! Big up ourselves! Push the envelope. Expand capabilities. Grow!


Last year I recall having me a variety of chips from the St. Mary’s brand (albeit mi jaw corner did tyad). This year….not even a mint sweet? The sponsorship game needs to be on point for next year’s staging of the event, please and thanks


Entertainment was much better last year. Yes, the young lady that sang last year was inappropriately dressed (granted there were dresses the length of her “batty rider” present) but she had us tweeting and that was entertaining! This year, looking around and talking to the person next to you was more entraining that the labour pain cries that were being echoed around.


Swag/Class/Style/Fashion sense whatever you call it, it was there! Definitely something the keep your eyes moving about. There were much more males present this year than last (Y) #notsayingawordmore

All in all, it gets better each year but some mistakes should not be made twice! With some good up good up work (in an effort to not sound too serious and offensive) it can be perfect in el futuro!

Love and Respec’


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