The Fantastic Fantasy

It was and still is…

Fantastic! A Fantasy…yours and maybe mine.

Looking through a mirror at someone not meant for you only to realize that person is looking back directly at you…different face, different eyes same thought.

Two broken, incomplete, imperfect individuals but you choose to have your ‘fantasy girl’ on a pedestal. 

The problem with making your fantasy known is:

  • Someone feels burdened to make it a reality
  • Someone becomes even more aware of their shortcomings
  • Someone feels that it is an impossible task that is best left untouched
  • Someone does not want to let you down
  • Someone does not want to risk ruining what you have now
Simply put:
  • Someone wants to become that fantasy

But the fear of disappointment is really great enough to keep someone from giving that fantastic fantasy a shot.

Now please note that that ‘someone’ could be just about anybody…so don’t be looking at me…thinking about your fantastic fantasy.


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