It meant more to one.

Let me just start by saying that I love my Best Friend R*D*M

She always boosts me up to do and say the things that I should but I’m too chicken to.

So I just struck 1 off the list of my ex boyfriends.

I thought of all my past relationships….it may have been the purest.

I thought that it ended because of a serious misinterpretation.

It turned out that I was either in a relationship with myself or he was drunk for the entire time.

HE CANT REMEMBER asking me to be his girlfriend…

HE CANT REMEMBER me accepting…

HE CANT REMEMBER anything from our ‘relationship’…

HE CANT REMEMBER paying more attention to parties and the pool table…

HE CANT REMEMBER being paranoid over nothing…

HE CANT REMEMBER dropping the bottle at my feet and walking off with her (whoever she was)…

But I can remember it ALL. He can only recall us being ‘good friends’.

I wonder why it meant something to me and not to him??

Anyway, I had my closure and now he understands why I will never give a positive response to his pursuit of me now.


We’ll always be good friends, CB, but nothing more.


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