It was never intentional, at least not on my part.

I never thought I could change unless I wanted to be changed.

I never thought my already ‘made-up’ mind would see things differently from the picture I had already painted.

I dont even know if you meant to, but I know that you did do it.

I like when you hug me. I like when you hold me. I like when we cuddle. I like when you kiss me…anywhere, anytime.

Its only when I’m with you can I really escape the crowd while being in it. I like being around you….tho contrary it may seem.

I lose my composure around you all the time……and I love it. If I should count the number of persons I am comfortable enough with to fall asleep in their presence (or on their being) I could fill all 10 fingers……..with your name.

You irritate me! ugh! But what fun would it be if you didn’t? You are so full of “awesomeness” I just wanna kick your ass (Hey wait! I have!) But I have come to love that about you….the little things about you that make you, you!

Never thought I’d find this. Scared as hell to lose it.

But come what may!


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