Last Saturday Morning

It was one of those mornings you wish you had very little to none of!

I woke up wanting to stay in bed and watch cartoons with you! (your ideal Saturday morning huh).

I couldnt do that for a number of reasons:

  • I am letting go of you
  • I hadn’t called (non-business) or texted you in a long while
  • The agreement was to go back to our regular lives
  • I just wanted to talk….waking up with you requires so much more than talk
  • I didn’t want to do anything that will contribute to me liking you anymore than I already do.

And most importantly:

  • The T.V. is not in my room
  • You weren’t in my bed.

I miss you…..

Of course I do,

Cant believe that I do

Hard to not miss you.


I don’t know if you miss me.

You said that seeing me, knowing where I am and not being able to act like I belong to you makes you jealous.

Is that anything to go by to know if you miss me or not?

I know you are extremely busy. That’s ok. I’m busy too. I guess I’m just saying that you were right; this is going to be hard. I miss you, not quite sure if I want to release my grip yet and as much as I hate cartoons I really miss your ideal Saturday mornings……….staying in bed late, watching cartoons.


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