Pink and Yellow and……Bleachers

I have come to notice a trend in some young females (was about to say ‘ladies’ but had to re-evaluate my view of a lady) and noticed that they often times combine the colours yellow and pink (bright pink, bordering fuschia) to make an ensemble they deem fit to be worn in public.

Not only is the combination of the two colours preposterous but it is also sad that the material of the paired pieces of clothing is cotton! Stubbed-up, linted-up cotton! Tacky! (Allow me to sound this way please.)

I am not implying that the two clours could never be combined to make a nice piece but at the rate that these people are moving, they will never realize the true potential of the colours and do them any justice.

I have also made a correlation with my observations. The young females that I observer making this dire mistake in colour and material coordination are persons who are BLEACHING (toning terribly/ toning gone B-A-D!). Now, I am of the opinion that persons of certain skin tones must avoid wearing certain colours. To be FRANK, BLEACHERS MUST AVOID the colour YELLOW… doesn’t complement you (at all!) and then to combine it with an atrocious piece of fuschia!…..DISMAL!

What I find sadder than the fact that they wear yellow and pair it with fuschia is the fact that they are convinced that they look good. They do not! If i tell them, this would probably be my last post! I am yet to meet one who can stand up to criticism and not retaliate with anger, threats and violence!

In concluding, all I want to say is that….Bleachers (own up to your name. Dont play the game and bear the name) dont pair yellow clothing with fuschia, as a matter of fact DONT wear yellow AT ALL!


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