The Notebook Part 2

A few nights ago The Notebook was being shown on tv.

Click here for a synopsis of the story

Two of my friends were over and only one had never seen the movie before. She just so happens to be one that had never seen the movie before. Her favourite romance movie is ‘Ever After’ and loves gory movies with people dying in the most gruesome ways. She has been accused pretty often of not being normal and having a pretty tough heart.

Tough-heart Newby

So we decided to watch the movie with the newby. The movie played along and she had her questions, only the preliminary of which were answered.

She praised her ‘Ever After’ during the commercial breaks as if to say she was not in the presence of the converted and watching a ‘sacred of sacreds’ romance movie!

Anyway, the movie progressed and my other friend almost gave away the straw that broke the camel’s “heart”. I glared at her and she shut up immediately and kept quiet for the rest of the show.

*sniff*    What tha….?! Is she crying?!! 

The show was not even finished yet and my ‘tough heart’ friend bawling like somebody beat her!

In my head I was ROFLMAO but in actuality I was shocked and my jaw dropped! My other friend and I were in awe. Then she said “No man! When I watched it I teared up but I never cried like this!” I had to agree! I teared up as well when I first watched it but bawl?? Nope! Not I.

It just goes to show that, not everyone that seems tough and covered by a hard shell really is. They are sometimes very emotional individuals who have hearts. You may never quite know what touches their heart but remember……something does!

Love you Renzie!!!


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