Lapse in Judgment

After coming to the knowledge of the experience of a friend, it suddenly slapped her. the reality that was always staring her in the face was now bold enough to demand attention. She thought she could gloss over it and cover up the obvious wrong she had done but rain always washes soil from the surface.


From the Rock


There is just something about a tall, dark, handsome man that us women can’t seem to resist. Whats worse, if he ever has a purely masculine voice, we are of no use to ourselves!

That was him.

Amazingly chiseled from the core of the earth, exuding a deadly heat that draws you toward him……


He had mischief and danger written all over him….but my girl seems to like danger and challenges.

She dove head in with her attraction to this specimen in the far recesses of her mind. Eye contact became nods. Nods came with smiles and the eyes began to wink at each other.

Conversations at coffee break and lunch where open to the group and strictly platonic. By nature of being human, hormones can be traced.

Take it and Leave

She had no intention of being the good girl, assuming he was not a ‘good guy’. Take it and leave was the policy on this mission.

Similar thoughts.

Great company.

Full of laughs.

But the intrigue of what was under all that cloth! Just the intrigue!

In the space of one innocent night spent talking on the balcony, the two realized they were reflections of each other…too much damn things in common.

All was going according to plans…a stroll to the (nude) beach, chilling on the sand and then something unexpected happened.

Was that a twinkle in your eye? why is your stare so intense? Could this be…? Could he really be…?

One stupid thing as a look in the eye, caused the need for an alternative plan. Can the take it and leave policy still work? We’ll see.

Last night in Paradise

“So a sleep over in room ‘a#)@’ is in order” After all, the hot tub, the balcony and the beachfront were just to get u relaxed. As if you need it.

But still thoughts of it this is more than a one time thing plagued her. Was that what she wanted? Don’t blame her if she is known for ‘stookle-ing‘ men who get in close proximity to her. They can’t help falling head-over-heels! She’s just like that.

Sleep over agreed and confirmed on!

Hours pass….minutes to the next day….wth?!

“I’m at your door” half-dressed and half-awake, you have to be joking.

What is it that you want?

Thoughts bombard again “I can’t read him”,  “What does he want?”, “Is this a one night thing?”, “Does he like ‘bad’ me or my ‘innocent’ friend?”

Now that would just be frig up!

Due to the lack of seating arrangement in the room, the bed substituted for rest (pun intended).

I guess she couldnt help it…she was half-awake.

Word to the wise- ‘Do not provoke a man, even in the subtlest form!’

After all that warm-up….

Random, unnecessary conversation preceded the sex. Awkwardly funny but regrettable the moment it ended……..

The Bitch can SNORE!

Kept awake for the remainder of the dark morning by his merciless snoring, at 6 am exactly she wrapped in her towel for shower around herself and like a man, she gently woke him and quietly said “Its six in the morning, now. I’m going to shower.” And his female intuition, I guess, told him exactly what that meant. He got dressed and left her room. A long, hot, shower should do the trick!

Oh yes it did!

Did someone mention something about a ‘round two’???

Oh hell no! It was that look in his eye that messed her up. There isn’t supposed to be a round two!

Round Two??

Something bad was bound to happen. Her female intuition told her to check and so she did. She had no intention of being there and no intention of a round two. After all, she just wanted to drop off dinner. Might as well make use of the test time right?

He rubbed her back…..sign of wanting some.

She held his hand……confusing as hell.

She went on to the bed leaning over him…..contradicting beyond belief!

Again, the unnecessary chatting…. “I have no intention of staying here tonight.” She leaned in more.

She kissed him and low and behold! He didn’t kiss back! Never in her life!

That was it! All she needed to know. That damn look in his eye!

She wasn’t the ‘innocent friend’.

Then again, why should she be surprised? If they really are so much alike, why wouldn’t their intentions be the same?

The intrigue!

A lapse in judgment.


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